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You need to get your head in the game. Wayne Davidson can help.

Wayne is extremely knowledgeable and skilled with how he goes about delivering his program and I highly recommend his services. 

Coach Davidson really helped me improve my pre-game routine, which allowed me to get into the competitive mindset quickly.   I highly recommend Coach Wayne.

I highly recommend Wayne, he is a good teacher and can help you identify components of your game that will improve drastically with his strategies. ”

  Tyson Ward, NDSU  

You spend hours every day perfecting your physical and mechanical skills. Your mental game is just as important. Your ability to focus, to have poise under pressure, and to press through adversity is paramount to your success in the game and in life. Wayne Davidson is an experienced and effective Mental Health Therapist with proven success in sports psychology. He can help you soar to new heights by teaching you the mental skills you need to set goals and to overcome every mental obstacle that comes your way.

  Juwan Durham, Basketball  

 Destin Nichols, Ranked #3 Nationally 

> Perfectionism


> Anxiety/Fear of Failure


> Choking


> Goal Setting


> Pre-game Routines


> Much, much more...

Mental game coaching covers:

"My anxiety was hurting my performance.  I called Wayne Davidson and with his Mental Game Programs I am able to compete freely and relaxed.  Strongly recommend his skills."

Steven Jeffers, Champion Shooter

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