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 Wayne Davidson 


Zone Sports Psychology was founded by  Licensed Mental Health Counselor Wayne Davidson in Tampa, Florida.  His love for sports and psychology were the perfect combination for his sports psychology practice of Zone Sports Psychology. As an experienced athlete and mental health expert he recognizes first hand just how important  mental training is in relation to successful performance.  He has dealt with countless athletes that have a need for the perfect plan for success. This need for perfection is often the catalyst for disappointments and let downs and cripples performance.  Wayne has the programs and tools to uncover these obstacles and replace them with high confidence and concentration.

Wayne has a passion for sports and psychology with over 20 years in the area of psychology.  Our clients range from juniors, to high school, college and professional athletes.  Wayne is particularly skilled at working with the emotional athlete and has the skills to get anxiety under control quickly. Zone Performance focuses on improving confidence, enhancing team work, improving concentration and overall performance.  He uses an Athlete Aptitude Mental Profile that allows him to assess the athlete's problem areas, and uses this as a key guide to developing a winning mental training plan to overcome these barriers that have been hurting performance. In addition, his experience with families is an asset to help the athlete deal with communication problems and identify what family can do to support performance.


Athletic Background: 

Wayne was a multi-talented athlete playing basketball, baseball and football from an early age through College.  His main focus was in basketball and track where he had multiple scholarship offers. He went on to college and played basketball at Walters State Community College. He was also a High Jumper at Carson Newman College where he held the High Jump record of 7 feet for many years.  He later walked on at The University of Tennessee as a High Jumper on a National Championship team coached by Stan Huntsman.

Wayne's theory of coaching and therapy is cognitive based because he believes all problems arrive from our thinking styles.  With his programs athletes learn quickly how their thoughts impact performance and hold them back.  He has received training from Beck Institute the inventor of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Wayne enjoys working out, fishing, sports, racing and traveling. He lives in Tampa and has two children.





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